Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update on Our Kittens

All but 2 of our 11 kittens have been adopted. Phoenix and Pebbles went to a home together, Andy was adopted to a loving couple that had no problems caring for him with his medical condition (he has a heart murmur), Autumn went to a home with a couple that fell in love with her beautiful long coat - they had some issues with her not being overly friendly but said they want to keep her anyway and hopefully one day she will love them.  And lastly Rascal (aka Rapunzel) was adopted out - she had a pretty serious condition which stopped her from being adopted from the couple that wanted her. Her foster parent noticed that she had really bad breath and took her to the vet - her gum lining was rotting away and there was bone exposure. She was on med's for a good while but healed up and was back to being a lovable healthy kitten. Lucky for her the same couple that was interested in her still wanted her.

Jinx and Spidey are the 2 kittens left and they are staying at my house until they get adopted. Spidey still hasn't been added to the Petfinder site because he still isn't ready to be adopted. It is taking him a lot longer than the other cats to trust humans - we still cannot pick him up or really get close to him, he is getting better so hopefully one day he will warm up to us and we can get him adopted out.  My husband is falling in love with Jinx so who knows we might end up adopting him ourselves. He is playmates with Amberly so it would be hard separating the two of them.

It is such an awesome feeling knowing that 9 of our kittens have been placed in their forever homes. :)

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