Thursday, December 30, 2010

4 of our Kittens have been Adopted!

Sorry things have been a little busy lately so I apologize for the lack of blog posts. Out of the 11 kittens 4 of them have been adopted - YAY!!!  Four of them are still at my house (Andy, Autumn, Jinx and Spidey) and the other three are at another Cat Shack Volunteers home (Phoenix, Rascal (aka Rapunzel) and Pebbles) - Rascal's adoption is pending, so she might have her forever home very soon!

Our Adopted Kittens:

Amberly was adopted by my husband and I and she is such a bundle of joy.  She purrs nonstop and plays with everything she can get her paws on.  Our 3 other cats are still getting used to her but every now and then I do notice them sniffing each other without hissing, so in time I know they will all be buddies.  Amberly loves to hang out in our bathroom sink; she also loves running water, pasta, bread and pizza crust.  She follows us everywhere and we tend to trip over her since she is always walking in between our feet.  I am so happy that she has a forever home now and everyday that I look at her it reminds me of the cats outside and that soon her life as a feral will be a distance memory.

Bam-Bam was adopted by one of my high school classmates, Kristin.  She recently lost her 5 year old cat Alex because of a heart issue and even though she could never replace him she wanted another companion for her 6 year old cat Bob.  On 12/12 Kristin adopted Bam-Bam and picked him up during the Santa Pet Photo day at PetSmart - she was so excited to bring him to his forever home.  Kristin has re-named Bam-Bam to Sam (she also calls him Sammy) and he is doing very well.  She has posted several pictures of him on Facebook playing with lots of toys, sleeping on the couch with his paws stretched out, and hanging out next to her on the computer.  Bob is still a little unsure about Sam but hopefully soon they will become friends. 

Tyke was adopted last week and even though he hissed at the owner they still fell in love with him and wanted to take him home.  I will get more information from Barb about how Tyke is doing with his new family.

Jesse was rescued back in November and Anne from LVH has given her a loving forever home.  


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