Monday, December 6, 2010

14 Cats Released

1st car load
 Yesterday David and I released 14 of the 32 cats back to their home in the woods.  It took 2 car trips and some careful separating since these cats have been sharing cages together, but they all seemed very happy to go back home.  Once David opened up the doors to their carriers all but 2 cats bee-lined out of there as fast as they could.  Not sure if the orange guy and the calico were scared to leave or they didn't want to head back to the woods but after a minute or two they also booked on out of there and were out of our sights fairly quickly. It was very sad to see them go, but the woods is their home and we told ourselves that they will be happier there than stuck in a cage.

So what cats did we release?

We released the cats that went to the first three No Nonsense Neutering appointments (11/18, 11/23, & 11/24).  Frazzle was part of the first group at NNN but she was placed at Trinka's (a Cat Shack volunteer) back on 11/21 where she will stay until she is adopted out as a barn cat.

Ready, set, Go!!
The next group to be released on either December 11th or 12th will be the 5 cats that went to The Cat Shack Clinic on the 11/21, the 4 from the fourth NNN appointment on 11/30 and the 2 from the fifth NNN appointment on 12/2.  The 2 cats that went to NNN on 12/3 we aren't sure what we are going to do with them at this time since they are very old and might not survive the winter.

4 cats still need to go to No Nonsense Neutering - 2 will go as a walk-in on Tuesday (12/7) and the last 2 will go on Wednesday (12/8) and they will be released on December 18th after having a 7-10 day recovery period.

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  1. I am sad to see these cats released but, do understand this is their natural habitat. Although quite a few have been released I have not seen many. I hope they will survive this cold bitter winter. I will continue to give them food/water. Jaime and David a HUGE THANK YOU for all your efforts.....