Friday, December 3, 2010

BIG MOMMA has been caught!!

Big Momma and Heathcliff
Last night (12/2) I went to Redners to buy some fried chicken (since it was cheaper than KFC), hoping to trap the last few cats that were out there.  We only knew of 2 maybe 3 cats left and they seemed to really like the fried chicken.  So knowing that Big Momma was still out there we knew we could not stop this rescue effort until she was captured.  She is the one cat that we have seen pregnant time and time again - so this queen bee needed to be trapped and soon!

I walked down to the traps to set them and who was hanging out near 3 of them sniffing around and checking things out.  It was Pepe Le Pew - our skunk that seems to really enjoy cat food (wet and dry) as well as tuna fish and fried chicken.  I trapped him once already and boy was that a frightening experience for me (I'll post something about that later), so this time I just watched him from a distance with my very dim flashlight.  He must have smelled the fried chicken in the bag I was holding because he started coming toward me.  I kept taking large steps backward and he continued to follow me.  I'm thinking great what the heck do I do now - I can out run a skunk, right?  Well, to my luck he decided to turn back around and head straight into the woods.

Knowing that the skunk was hungry and in the woods somewhere nearby I was terrified that he was going to sneak up behind me when I was setting the traps with this huge bag of fried chicken I had in my hands. Paranoid I set each trap with large amounts of fried chicken, looking over my shoulder every 5 seconds for Pepe Le Pew's big return, but thankfully that never happened.  

I left thinking to myself, great when my husband and I come back in about an hour there is going to be a skunk in one of these traps.  So, I headed home for my nightly routine of feeding and cleaning out litter boxes and after a very quick dinner (cereal, yum!) David and I headed back to the traps hoping to see cats and NO skunks.

We walked to the first trap and it was empty, when I came down the hill to the second trap I saw glowing eyes with my flashlight - YES we caught one.  It was the orange guy (Scrappy), he looked really beaten up - poor guy.  Then not to far away from his trap was another one set a little further back in the woods and we saw glowing eyes in it - it was BIG MOMMA!!!  We were so happy to see her - we have been trying for weeks to get this girl and she would not go inside the traps for us.  She wouldn't go in for wet cat food or tuna fish - but she must not have been able to resist the smell of yummy hot fried chicken.  

She has been paired up with another orange guy that we trapped the night before on (12/1) with King Kong. They will both go to NNN on Tuesday, December 7th.   

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