Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Bam-Bam was trapped on 11/26. It seems we trapped this tiny and adorable tabby before he developed any feral attributes, as he was very easy to handle without any hissing or spitting, right from when we first introduced him. Since then he's come along well, eating wet food (sometimes from our hand/fingers) and sleeping a lot. He's yet to purr despite all of the attention, but he is very comfortable laying next to Andy, Jinx, Phoenix or Pebbles (we think they might be siblings or even possibly litter mates).

He's started to react to things like the laser-pointer dot, though he hasn't begun actively playing. He's still shy and prefers to cozy up to his friends rather than sit with us, but we think progress is being made.

Bam-Bam is so TINY
Bam-Bam tested negative for FeLV/FIV/Heartworm and has been vaccinated. He is currently being socialized but has been posted to Petfinder. If you would like to give this adorable boy a forever home, please fill out an adoption form on his page.

Update 12/13 - Bam-Bam has been adopted!  Out of our 11 kittens Bam-Bam was the first to go to his forever home yesterday.  His new mom Kristin recently lost her 5 year old cat Alex just a few weeks ago and didn't want her 6 year old cat Bob to be all alone.  Her veterinarian recommended that she get a kitten as a companion for Bob.  Kristin is an old Southern Lehigh High School classmate of mine and saw Bam-Bam's picture on Facebook where she immediately fell in love with him because he had the same flat face that her cat Alex had.  She stopped by my house for 2 hours last Saturday (12/4) to see Bam-Bam and knew immediately that she wanted him.  She filled out the adoption application and heard the good news that she was accepted on Friday 12/10.  Kristin stopped by the PetSmart Santa Claws photo event to pick Bam-Bam up and take him to his forever home.  Bam-Bam is currently in the process of being introduced slowly to his new big brother Bob.   


  1. It think it is really great how you are helping all those cats! I have rescued both my cats. My little guy unexpectedly passed away this weekend. It was very sudden. Woke up to him throwing up then went to take him to the 24 hour place and he died in the car. They think he may have had a heart condition, he was only 5 and it has been rough for me.

    I worry about my other cat being lonely now. He has been with the other cat since he was a year old. The vet said a kitten would be best. I saw the picture of the ones you just put up and Bam-Bam is so cute!

    Not sure if I am ready yet but wanted to find out about him.

  2. Bam-Bam has a face that reminds me of my Alex - he had a flatter face. Bob is a very social cat and I worry about him being lonely especially when I am at work. Would I be able to meet Bam-Bam?

    I rescued Alex from a field and he wasn't the most social but he liked me... I miss him. Those two were my kids so it was awful. Let me know if I could meet the little guy. Fostering must be hard... I would want to keep them all!