Tuesday, December 7, 2010

7th Trip to NNN

Big Momma on her way to NNN
Today Big Momma and Heathcliff were taken to NNN for their surgery.  They have both been very calm the past couple of days and would never leave the back of their cage, sometimes hanging out in their litter-box.  Yesterday Heathcliff seemed upset with me and hissed while I was giving them new food - maybe he knew that he was next to be neutered.

Heathcliff on his way to NNN
This morning Heathcliff was once again upset and David had a hard time getting him inside the carrier.  His attitude was not helping with Big Momma either.  After a long struggle he finally got both of them in their carriers. Linda from LVHN will pick them up today and I will let everyone know the update as soon as I can.

Update 12/7 - Surprisingly Big Momma was already altered, so she was not the one popping out all the babies.  Hopefully out of the 16 females we already altered we have now ended the population problem.

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