Friday, December 3, 2010

6th Visit to NNN

King Kong & Scrappy on 12/2
On Wednesday night (12/1) I heated up the leftover KFC from the night before and hurried quickly out to the traps since I had to meet my "little" from Big Brothers Big Sisters for our weekly get together.  I only had time to put the KFC in 3 of the traps, hoping that this would be enough.  About an hour later my husband stopped by from his way home from work to check on the traps and he saw the biggest cat EVER from this colony inside one of them.  So, we decided to name him King Kong!

King Kong is heavy, very slow and not too active.  Once placed in the cage with Natty & Comet (that went to NNN yesterday) he just plopped down next to the litter box and did not move.  This morning when we needed to get him inside a carrier for his surgery it was quite a struggle.  We had to push him with the end of a broom stick and even my own hands, we even tried cornering him with the carrier and NOTHING seemed to work with this guy - he just did not want to leave.  After what felt like forever he finally gave up and went inside the carrier.

Scrappy is in poor shape :(
Scrappy was trapped last night (12/2) with fried chicken that I bought at Redners from their heated section.  It was a lot cheaper than KFC and Scrappy didn't seem to mind.  Since King Kong was alone in his cage we decided to place Scrappy in there with him and they would be the next 2 to go to NNN.  Scrappy got his name because he is badly beaten up.  His eye is sunk back in his head, his ears are torn up and his face looks all scratched up.  Not sure if he got in a fight with another cat or possibly another wild animal out there, but he is in rough shape.

Scrappy was a little difficult getting into the carrier this morning as well.  I think he was just petrified after witnessing how hard it was to get King Kong in and why he was next.  He hissed a little but eventually went in the carrier on his own.

I dropped them both off this morning and my sister Erin will pick them up this afternoon.  I will update everyone with how they are doing shortly.

Update (12/03) - My sister Erin picked these 2 cats up from NNN and was told that they are very old and need some tender loving care.  She mentioned that they will not live much longer and they were afraid to perform surgery on them, but went ahead and did it anyway - King Kong was treated for ear mites and Scrappy was treated for lice.

Update (12/13) - Trinka from the Cat Shack has offered to take these 2 cats to her place where they can live out their lives in a much more relaxed and peaceful environment.  Thank you Trinka!!  Both Scrappy and King Kong will be take to Perkiomen Animal Hospital on Thursday, December 16th where they will be tested for FeLV and FIV.

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