Thursday, December 30, 2010

Santa Event at PetSmart

Bam-Bam with Santa
Santa with his first dog of the day
Pebbles and Phoenix
Well, some of you were aware that back on December 12th I volunteered my husband to be Santa Claus at PetSmart in Whitehall for the pet photo day.  He came home one night and I told him that since we didn't have anything going on and we needed to take the kittens to PetSmart for some exposure I volunteered him to be Santa from 11-4pm.  He was ok with it as long as he didn't have to take pictures with tarantulas or snakes.  Luckily he only had dogs, cats and some birds.  The proceeds from the event went to The Cat Shack and it was great to see that we had a very good turnout - Dave did a great job as Santa and made a lot of pet owners very happy!

We took along 6 of our kittens (Andy, Autumn, Jinx, Phoenix, Pebbles and Bam-Bam) to the event and had 2 adoption applications filled out.  It was a great opportunity for our kittens to get some exposure and they really got a lot of attention. 
Jinx at PetSmart

Andy and Autumn at PetSmart
Bam-Bam went along with us because his new owner Kristin was picking him up that day.  After the event was over Phoenix and Pebbles were taken to a different foster home with Barb a Cat Shack volunteer that already had their siblings Rascal and Tyke.

All of the kittens have now been posted to Petfinder and are awaiting their forever homes.

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