Monday, December 13, 2010

Dog House Shelter

Dog House
Linda, George, & Ralph
Saturday, December 11th was a big day for the cats.  10 more were released to join their family released from the previous weekend and some very kind humans delivered the biggest cat house they have have ever seen - well I guess that would go for us too.  Linda from LVH found this amazing dog house on Craigslist.  Linda and her husband George, Ralph, Darlene, David and myself helped move this monstrosity into it final destination.  It was heavy, gigantic, and just plain AWESOME!  It looks like it could fit 15+ cats comfortably and possibly more if we could install some shelves, since it is very tall.
Final Destination

It was rather a difficult and time consuming task moving this house from its previous owner to its final destination in the woods.  First we needed someone with a trailer to pick it up, then we needed at least 6 strong men to move it (well we had 3 men and 3 very strong women, lol) and then we needed something to move it on the uneven ground.

After walking through several thorn bushes, getting hit by tree branches and having to stop to remove rocks and sticks out of our path we finally got this house back into the woods.  It looks great in its new location and I can't wait to see the cats using it regularly.

In time, hopefully after the holidays we will have someone cut out a second exit for the cats and have more shelters built; but for the time being it makes us feel better knowing that they do have somewhere to go to get out of the elements.   

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