Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2nd NNN Appointment

Bright-eyes, Cali and Squeaky
Scratch, Precious and King
This morning Theresa from The Cat Shack took 6 cats to No Nonsense Neutering.  All of these beauties were trapped Sunday night (November 21) using Tuna fish!!!  They all have been getting along with one another and spend most of their time curled up together.  This morning Dave and I needed to get all of them into separate carriers for their appointment at NNN and it went fairly smoothly.  We had a little difficulty with King (the big buff cat), he simply wouldn't budge from the top shelf in the cage.  Dave had to lightly push his butt so that he would go inside the carrier.  Bright-eyes and Squeaky went in a carrier together so that was a little tricky getting one out and put into another, but after tipping the carrier Squeaky slid right on out.

Thank you to Theresa from The Cat Shack and Linda from LVH in helping with transporting these cats today.

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