Tuesday, November 30, 2010

4th NNN Appointment

Today was our last scheduled appointment at NNN. We could only trap 4 cats in time for this appointment and we know of at least 4 more cats that are still out there.  Hopefully can trap these last few cats in the next couple of days.  Thank you to Theresa from the Cat Shack and Darlene & Ralph from LVH with transporting these cats to and from NNN today.

These 4 were all trapped on separate days last week and since there are only a few cats left it is getting rather difficult catching them. We do need to ask anyone that has been feeding them wet or dry food to please stop. We need these cats to be hungry so they will go into the traps for us.  Thank you.

Update (12/02) - All of these cats have been doing well since their surgery on Tuesday.  Spice and Cupcake are rooming together and Gandalf and Simba are rooming together - they have all been piling up on top of each other keeping each other company and I'm sure they are staying nice and toasty this way too! 

Update 12/13- This beautiful group of cats were released back to their home in the woods on Saturday, December 11th. It was a beautiful day out (around 46 degrees) so they were able to get reacquainted with their home in the woods before the cold weather hit today.



  1. Darlene and I picked up the cats. All of them are calm, and are recovering nicely.

  2. Thanks for the update. How many males vs females? The poor guy that was in the carrier with the screened top was hiding under the towel
    AND newspaper when I dropped them off. I never even had a chance to see what he looked like!

  3. There were 2 males and 2 females. They didn't make a sound, just curled up in their respective carriers.

  4. The orange cat in the open carrier was a sweetie. He actually let Ralph and I touch him on the head through the cage.