Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Autumn over the summer
Finally we caught Autumn!!!  We have been trying for weeks to get this beautiful little girl and she would never go inside the trap for us.  So on Monday night (11/22) we decided to put a trap right next to the box that she likes to sleep in and just wait.  After waiting patiently in the distance I saw her come out from the woods and walk right on by the trap up to dry food next to the dumpsters.  After hanging out at the dumpsters for a little while she slowly made her way down to her favorite box and saw the trap.  She sniffed it and walked around it checking it out.  Then the moment I was waiting for finally happened... She went inside!! 

This is a better box, isn't it?
Then the torture began... The trap did not go off and she just kept eating away! I turned my head to try and get Dave's attention since he was monitoring the other traps further down and then I heard a loud slam. The trap went off and Autumn was inside.  Oh, I was so relieved to have finally trapped this little girl.

She went to NNN today with the 3rd group of cats, so I will post an update letting everyone know how she is doing in the next few days.  If she tests negative for FeLV and FIV she will be placed with the other kittens.

Update (11/29) - Autumn has tested negative for FeLV/FIV/HW and has been paired up in a cage with Amberly and they are getting along just great. Autumn is very shy and we are currently working on socializing her for adoption. If you would like to give her a loving forever home, please fill out an application listed on her Petfinder page. 

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