Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Email from Dave on 11/10/2010 - She spent the first 8-10 hours of her captivity in the cage, seated on top the carrier in the corner that we placed in there. She hadn't eaten at all. Around 11pm last night, she moved into the carrier itself, which was good b/c it is slightly warmer and more comfortable in there. This morning, I checked in and was glad to see that the wet food we placed in the cage was gone. She didn't appear to have touched the dry food or treats that we placed in there, but at least she's eating.

Email from Dave on 11/11/2010 - She is still hiding in the carrier. She's been eating her wet-food and using the litter box, so she's moving around somewhat. I haven't attempted to engage her yet, but I know that Jaime told me she is one of the more personable/social cats at the Credit Union and will often walk up to people who are outside in the gazebo. She's also prone to exploring the parking lot and hiding under cars, so if there's a chance she could be adopted, it might be worth trying.

Originally posted on 11/14/2010 - This shaggy girl was our first tenant. She's gotten accustomed to the cage and does a light hiss and a mild growl when we change her litter or add food/water, but has been eating consistently. Not quite sure what happened Saturday night, but I woke up this morning and found the towels/rags that we use to cover the the cage (for shelter and a sense of security) knocked and pulled down. Maybe she was playing? We may have a chance at making her sociable- we'll see.

Hanging out in the parking lot
Update (11/18/2010) - She was taken to NNN today with our first group of cats.  She is not a happy camper and continues to hiss, spit and swat at us.  She did have some drooling after surgery but she is now back to normal with eating her food regularly and using the litter box.    

Update (11/21/2010) - Trinka a Cat Shack volunteer has taken this feisty little girl and has named her Frazzle, which seems to fit her pretty well.  Trinka would like to try and get her adopted out as a barn cat, since she is not a good candidate for re-releasing back to the same location she came from.  She has been known to hide out under cars and visit the gazebo area for food and Trinka felt that this cat could eventually get hit by a car and that is the last thing we want to see happen to her.  Thank you Trinka for taking in this shaggy little girl.

Licking her chops after a tasty wet food meal
Update (11/22) - Frazzle has tested negative for FeLV and FIV and has been placed with 2 other female cats. Hopefully she will be happy to have some company again.

Update (11/23) - From Trinka: She is doing great with her 2 roommates - all 3 are shy and she is always curled up together with one or the other of them. So, I think she is going to do fine living with my foster group. Thanks again for all you are doing to help the entire colony of cats.

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