Tuesday, November 30, 2010


11/10 when Andy was really sick
Andy was the 2nd kitten that we trapped back on 11/10 and he had an upper respiratory infection just like Amberly.  We did not have medicine for him at the time so we took him to Anne (a LVH employee) since she already had medicine for one of the other sick kittens (Jessie) that she captured.

Email from Dave on 11/11/2010 - Andy has been hiding in the corner- both in and on top of the carrier. I can't tell if he's eaten anything yet but it's not likely. His eye is puffy and could use some cleaning and if we can't get him into a vet soon, I might throw on a long-sleeve shirt and gloves and try to clean it and give him at least some temporary relief.

Update from Anne (11/15) -  Andy is doing well. I have enough antibiotic and eye ointment for both. I also gave him a Frontline PLUS treatment. We have been calling him "Andy" but won't be able to keep him; too much kitty testosterone in the house upsets all the 'girls'. So, maybe the girl scouts can find him a good home. We heard him meowing for the first time this morning and he jumped from the corner he was hiding in all weekend to the 2nd tier of the cage. He is sooo little! My husband is home today. He said he was going to handle him alot today to get him used to the human touch because he is very scared and tries to flee our arms. I trimmed his nails but they are still sharp enough to leave scratch marks. He is a feisty one and soooo cute. He fits in the palm of my husband's hand.

Update from Anne (11/19) -  Andy is getting better. I've been giving him the same meds that I am giving to Jessie. He is coming along. He is very shy. Maybe depressed? He's not as scared and jumpy as he was last week. Have you caught any of his siblings? I think it would lift his spirits to be with one of them. I hope so because I'm starting to fall in love with him especially when he nestles with me and falls asleep.

11/25 - He is getting better but is still on med's
Update from Anne (11/24) -  Although he is very comfortable with me he is still scared when I remove him from his crate. I sit with him on the bathroom floor away from all the other cats and he curls up in my magazine basket instead of running around. I got 3 meows out of him this morning!

Update (11/30) - On Sunday (11/28) Andy tested negative for FeLV/FIV/Heartworm and has taken his first dose of de-wormer.  He is still a little shy and is not a happy camper when taking his med's (eye drops and clavamox) but we hope his eye clears up soon so he can become the playful kitten we know he is.  He did show some signs of playfulness last night when we showed him the "red dot" that Amberly and Phoenix were playing with.  We will continue to socialize him and get him ready for his forever home.  He has been listed on Petfinder and if you would like to adopt Andy just fill out the application listed on his page. 

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  1. I can bring Andy to you : ( this week or next. I will truly miss him. He lays on my chest and falls asleep while I stroke him. His eye looks good. He will sometimes keep it closed though. I'm not sure why. My goal with him was to hear him purrrrr for the first time. I have not heard it yet. Bummer.