Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Tyke's first night & Rascal made him feel at home
So if you've been reading so far, you've noticed that we've caught Rascal and Phoenix but have had some difficulty catching their litter-mate and little orange buddy. He's been spotted several times entering traps and eating the bait while sitting on the triggers themselves, but his tiny little body just wouldn't set it off! Very frustrating, to say the least, and heartbreaking as he no longer had any of his siblings around to hang with.
Tyke, Rascal, Jinx, and Phoenix
On Monday night (11/23), we were fortunate that little Tyke decided to follow a tiger into the trap, and both were trapped in an instant!

We were able to successfully separate the two from the trap without incident later that night and we moved him in with his two siblings and Jinx. Since then, he's been rather terrified, hissing and scratching, but we're hoping that the familiar presence of his litter-mates and the VERY-protective Jinx, who has taken on the role of older-brother will help him adjust and become more sociable. He'll be getting tested soon with his sibling Rascal.

Update (11/29) - Tyke has tested negative for FeLV/FIV/HW and is currently being socialized with his sister Rascal (re-named Rapunzel) with a Cat Shack volunteer in a very nice walk-in play pen.  He is looking for his forever home; you can fill out an application on his Petfinder listing page.

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