Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Cat Colony

We believe that we have 20 maybe 30 cats in our colony and it seems to be growing.  We recently had a new litter of kittens and with the cold weather fast approaching we want to trap as many as possible.  We have captured 4 of them already and plan to get a couple more in the next few days.  The adult cats all seem to be healthy so we are just going to focus our efforts on the kittens for the time being since a majority of them have severe upper respiratory infections.


  1. As of November 21st we have trapped a total of 22 cats. We know of at least 3 more kittens and 6 more adults that are still out there. We will try to trap the rest of the colony in the next few days.

  2. 11/03/10 - At the moment, I can lend you 8 traps. I will show you how to set them whenever we meet.

    It will be helpful if you can feed the cats inside the tied-open traps for several days prior to the actual trapping, since that will increase your likelihood of catching more cats when you need to do so. Following surgery, I recommend keeping the females safely confined for 3 days to be sure they are recovering well from their surgery. The males do not need to be confined at all unless they are still groggy when they come back to you. In that case, I would hold them several hours or overnight until the sedation has fully worn off and then release them.

    Thank you very much for all the time and effort you are putting into this project. You are going to drastically improve the lives of these cats, and prevent countless others from being born. Wonderful!

  3. Email from 11/08:
    Dear Jaime,

    Currently our Sundays are very booked. I don't have confirmed Sunday dates in December yet. I can schedule you with 5 cats on Thursday 11/18 with a drop off time between 8-9am. And Tues 11/23 with 5 cats with a drop off time between 9-10am and Wed 11/24 with 5 cats with a drop off time between 8-9am. and Tues 11/30 with 5 cats with a drop off time between 9-10am.

    I wrote you in the schedule for those days because I am getting close to 70 calls a day and the schedule is really filling up quickly. I do work at the clinic certain days during the week so usually I can only get to calls about 3 days out of the week. Normally on a M,W, and F. So, please give me 2 days to get back to you. Let me know if these days don't work for you, so I can schedule others in your spots because you basically fill those days now. Thank you.

    No Nonsense Neutering

  4. Email from 11/12/2010:

    Great to see the progress!

    FYI- we just picked up the latest dry food/litter donation for the Cat Shack. We have dry food available for feral colonies if anyone would like to use some for this colony.

    It can be picked up in Macungie so if you are interested e-mail me and I'll provide directions and we can set up a time for you to come by.