Wednesday, November 24, 2010

3rd NNN Appointment

Spaz on top of Rocky
These 4 cats went to NNN today.  Spaz, Murphy, and Rocky were all trapped Monday night (11/22) with Autumn.  Spaz was originally roommates with Rocky but we separated them because when we came out to check on them Tuesday morning their cage was a disaster.  We weren't sure if the 2 weren't getting along or if they were trying to find a way out; but the food and water dishes were turned upside down, litter was EVERYWHERE and the blankets on top of the cage where all over the place.  So we placed Spaz in another cage that morning and when I came back at lunch to check on everyone I noticed that he did it again to his new cage. So needless to say he is not a very happy cat and we felt the name Spaz suited him well.

Murphy was a roommate with Autumn and they hardly ever left the carrier.  Murphy was very calm this morning and after just several tilts to the carrier he was sharing with Autumn he just walked right on out and went directly inside another carrier; this was not the case with our newbie Pepper that we trapped last night (11/23).  Both Rocky and Pepper were in the same carrier together this morning and when we got Rocky into a different one we thought we could just close the door to the carrier Pepper was in... Oh no we could NOT.  He jumped right on out of the carrier and panicked looking for a way out and started going from corner to corner of the cage pulling down the blankets.  Since it was getting rather difficult pushing him inside the carrier that was already in the cage I got another one and we somehow got him inside of it.

What another exciting morning for us...

Thank you to Theresa from The Cat Shack and Brenda from LVH in helping with transporting these cats today. 

Update (11/29) - Spaz and Murphy have been rooming together and for the first couple of days after their surgery they both seemed to be calm and recovering from surgery nicely.  Spaz is back to being her usual self and is making her cage a complete mess, poor Murphy.  Rocky and Pepper on the other hand are doing great and have been nothing but angels in their cage.  The only thing to note with Rocky was that we found out he was already neutered, so either he was fixed several years ago when a co-worker of mine trapped some of these cats or he was someone's pet that got lost or left behind.

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