Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Trapping Rascal Sunday night (11/21) was a very frustrating experience.  She went in one of the large traps and her weight would not set off the trap.  We watched her eat the bait and then the tuna fish in the back of the trap for what felt like forever.  She happened to be with her brother (Tyke) and we thought maybe they would both go in together and grab a bite to eat; that way they would definitely be heavy enough to set off the trap.  Well we were watching from a distance and it looked like both of the kittens were in the trap when it went off and to our surprise only Rascal was inside while the orange kitten ran away.  We were happy but sad at the same time, because now the orange kitten (Tyke) was the last one left in that litter. We tried all night to trap the orange kitten but we didn't have any luck.

Jinx, Rascal and Phoenix
We brought Rascal home and after talking with Theresa she said that it would be best to put Rascal in the cage with her brother Phoenix, so she wasn't lonely.  We are going to have Rascal tested immediately for FeLV and FIV, so we do not harm Jinx or Phoenix; but with all the cats testing negative so far we thought it would be ok for now.

We are slowly trying to socialize Rascal, but she is still very scared.  Rascal is very happy hanging out with her brother Phoenix and Jinx has welcomed the newbie as well, they have all been sleeping together and keeping each other company.

Update (11/29) - Rascal (re-named Rapunzel) has tested negative for FeLV/FIV/HW and is currently being socialized in a very nice walk-in play pen with her brother Tyke at a Cat Shack volunteers home.  She has had several people interested in her since she was listed on Petfinder, if you would like to help her find her forever home please fill out the application listed on her page.

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  1. Jenni and I will take one of the orange male kittens - Scott