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Amberly: 2 days ago
Amberly: August 201

Email from Trinka (11/08) - Good news! Amberly, AKA Jaime's calico, is leukemia and FIV negative. Her URI is severe so PAH feels it is better to postpone her spay surgery and I fully concur with that. Jaime, she COULD be picked up today, but it might be better to leave her at the hospital one night to allow them to get her well started on her antibiotic. I would think she will be much improved by the first NNN date so could go there for her spay surgery at that time.

Email from Dave on 11/10/2010: I came home from work last night and Amberly was huddled in the litter box. Jaime informed me that we would have to provide medicine and eyedrops so I suited up in long sleeves and gloves, anticipating a struggle.

There wasn't any. After picking her up, she began purring and nuzzling me, and walking around, chatting away with us. She wants contact and attention and seems to get a little perturbed when you stop petting her or scratching her head. We were rather surprised that she was this social this quickly- we thought it might take a little while. She doesn't struggle when we administer the two forms of medicine nor do the eyedrops bother her- I think the cleaning of the eyes is a bit of a relief.

We were a little worried because as Trinka told Jaime, if a cat can't smell, they may not eat. And she wasn't eating. This morning, when we adminstered the medicine, we noticed she hadn't touched neither wet nor dry food. However, I was glad to recently hear that after I left for work, Jaime did some mild force-feeding of the wet food and it led to Amberly recognizing the food as being edible/good to eat and she began eating on her own out of the dish (and Jaime's hand).

Email from Dave on 11/11/2010 - Amberly is eating more regularly and often and while she's still sniffling and her eye is still having some discharge, the puffiness is going down. She's also as personable and friendly as ever.

Amberly over the summer
Email from Jaime on 11/12/2010 - Amberly is acting like a healthy kitten now. She still has some eye discharge and she is still a little congested but overall she is looking great. She is very playful now and loves her feather wand, ball and string that we have out for her. She is also wanting to explore my basement more and more everyday and is getting curious as to what is at the top of my stairs since she hears my 3 cats up there. She does break my heart when I have to put her back in the cage because she cries and cries, so I am hoping that we can get some other healthy (FeLV negative) kitties put in the cage with her so she has some company.

Original post on 11/12/2010: Amberly was the first of the 10 kittens to be captured. She is currently on medication for a severe upper respiratory infection and I am happy to report that at this time she is doing well. She was taken to the vet on Monday and needed to stay overnight on antibiotics. She was sent home with eye drops, clavamox and an oral paste for nutrition since she wasn't eating. We have had her for 4 days now and every day she has been showing tremendous signs of improvement. She is now eating on her own and is VERY playful. I have a feeling that my husband and I will end up adopting her; she is just so sweet and adorable.

Update (11/21/2010) - Amberly went to The Cat Shack Clinic today with her brother Jinx, where she was spayed and given vaccines. She is estimated to be around 4 months old. I am also happy to report that her severe upper respiratory infection has cleared up and she is a happy playful kitten.

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