Monday, November 15, 2010

Help Needed

My husband David and I are in need of your help.  This project is taking up a lot of our time and we need more of the volunteers to take on some of the responsibilities involved, because this is a lot for just 2 people to handle.  

Here is a list of things we need help with:
  1. Cleaning out litter boxes for the already caged cats,
  2. Supply of wet food for the traps and the caged cats,
  3. Cages to keep the trapped cats in (the bigger the better),
  4. Feeding the outside cats wet food in the evening only (we only want the cats fed wet food in the evening since this is when they will be trapped and we want to keep them on a schedule),
  5. Socialize and play with the adoptable cats/kittens,
  6. Foster homes for the kittens (The Cat Shack will help you with food & litter),
  7. Old blankets, towels, and sheets to cover the traps, cages, and lining the inside of the carriers,
  8. Transporting the cats from NNN back to their cages:
    1. Thursday, November 18th - Need someone to pick the cats up before 4:30pm (Linda will pick them up)
    2. Tuesday, November 23rd - Need someone to pick the cats up before 4:30pm (Linda will pick them up)
    3. Wednesday, November 24th - Need someone to pick the cats up before 4:30pm (Brenda will pick them up)
    4. Tuesday, November 30th - Need someone to pick the cats up before 4:30pm (Darlene and Ralph will pick them up)
Please comment on this post with what you can help us with, thank you.


  1. I can help with putting the wet food out in the evening. Also supplying the wet food. I can play and socialize the possible adoptable kittens. If shown, I can help clean out the litter boxes also. Anything you need just call me on my cell. I can also see if I can work 1 of the days 7:30-4pm to pick the cats up from NNN. Also, I have someone at my work who is interested in a (Baby Kitten). She possibly wants one by next Wednesday. Please let me know.

    Also, Did you and your husband fin the sick (bearded one)??

  2. How did catching go this weekend? Especially wondering about the little Grey and White long haired kitten I have been watching out there.

    Cleaned out my laundry closets today. I have an empty box from a vacuum cleaner that I have filled with towels, old cotton curtains, tablecloths, t-shirts, etc.

  3. I can pick the cats up from NNN on the 24th around 4:15pm. Would that be a good time?? Where will I be taking them too?? Also I can help with the feedings and Socializing on Wed., & Thurs. evenings and on the weekends. I have towels and blankets and sheets.

  4. I could help with pickups... I get done at 4.

    Where will I be taking them to after I pick them up? I am available Thursday (18th) and Tuesday (23rd). On the days I drop off, I can also help clean litter boxes, feed and play.

    Also, I have a huge box of towels and other "cloth" type items for you.

    What kind of wet food do you prefer... I am going grocery shopping this week and will be happy to contribute.

    Please feel free to call if you need help.

    I can't adopt or foster anymore kitties... I have 5, but will be happy to help out in any other way I can.

  5. I can help too - I have food in my car for you.

    Calico kitten was sitting in the box against the wall all by herself getting wet -so sad.

  6. I have wet food for the cats and all sorts of blankets, towels and sheets for you. Where should I take them??

  7. The Girl Scouts won’t be able to help with #6 as I’ll end up being the person transporting and I’m not home from work before 5pm. However, we can help with 1, 2, and 4 now. Can we pick a night of the week (Thursday would be best) and agree to provide assistance on that night? Once Katie, Larysa, and Sami help a few times, they will then have a better idea of how to pull their friends into it. Maybe then they can add another night or 2 to assist. Will that work?