Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cat Shack Clinic

Sunkist and Blaze
Turtle and Sherlock were trapped Friday night (11/19) and were originally going to go to NNN with our second group on 11/23 but The Cat Shack had a clinic on Sunday and they were in need of more cats to make the clinic worth the vets time, so these lucky cats got to go in early.

They are now recovering from surgery and are doing well.  They have been eating all of their wet and dry food and have been kicking their blankets into the litter box for us each morning.  They are both relatively calm and do not hiss or growl at us when we clean out their cage.

Pirate, Sunkist, and Blaze were trapped Sunday morning (11/21) when we found out that Theresa from The Cat Shack needed more cats for the clinic.  We rushed right on over to the parking lot and in 1 hour we trapped these 3 beautiful cats.  Pirate is missing his right eye, the vet thought he might have had an upper respiratory infection (just like some of our kittens) and he lost his eye due to no treatment.  The vet told us that Sunkist is nursing so we think she is the mother to Phoenix, Rascal, and Tyke, since the kittens are 10 weeks old and have been eating wet food on their own we do not need to put her back with her babies.  Blaze is a very mellow male cat and pretty much just hangs out on top of the carrier.  They are all recovering well from surgery and have been a fairly calm bunch.

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